Vilnius, a vibrant city, offers countless experiences. However, a day trip to Trakai, with its enchanting lakes and iconic island castle, is a must for any visitor to Lithuania. Here’s your guide on how to get there, whether you prefer a self-guided adventure, a guided experience, or a comfortable ride on public transportation.

**1. Public Transportation:

  • Train: For a quick and affordable option, hop on the train from Vilnius Station to Trakai. The journey takes about 40 minutes, and trains run regularly. Purchase tickets at the station or online beforehand. More information
  • Bus: Public buses also connect Vilnius and Trakai, departing from the main bus station. While slightly slower than the train (around 45 minutes), buses offer more flexibility with departure times. More information

2. Guided Tours:

  • Group Tours: Opt for a hassle-free experience with a guided group tour. These tours typically include transportation, entrance fees to Trakai Castle, and informative commentary from a local guide. More information
  • Private Tours: For a more personalized experience, consider a private tour. Customize the itinerary to your interests and travel at your own pace. Transportation, entrance fees, and a dedicated guide are usually included. More information

3. Self-Guided Tour with BikeBaltic:

  • Embrace the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided bike tour with BikeBaltic:
    • Package Deal: Purchase a convenient package that includes:
      • Bike rental for 1 day: Choose a comfortable bike to explore Trakai at your own pace.
      • Round trip train ticket: Enjoy a scenic train ride with a special ticket allowing you to bring your bike on board.
      • Electronic map with route: Download a pre-programmed route around Trakai, ensuring you don’t miss any highlights.
    • Benefits:
      • Explore at your own pace: Stop for photos, enjoy the scenery, and discover hidden gems along the way.
      • Immerse yourself in the surroundings: Feel the fresh air and experience the landscape intimately compared to traditional transportation.
      • Sustainable choice: Embrace an eco-friendly mode of transportation. More information

Make the most of your day trip to Trakai!

Bonus Tip: Regardless of your chosen mode of transportation, consider downloading an e-map app like Komoot,, or Google Maps (offline functionality recommended) to navigate your way around Trakai.