In Baltriškės, Zarasai district, you can find Baltriškių St. Casimir Church and the Tiberiade Community Monastery. In 1920, after the struggle for independence, in order to stop the influence of Russification and the construction of an Orthodox monastery in Antalieptė, St. Casimir’s Church was built along with the belfry.

2009-2011 the church was renovated with the help of the monks. The Tiberiade community consists of members of the Catholic Brotherhood of Monks from Belgium, who have lived here permanently since 2001. It now consists of only about 20 monks. Most of them live in Belgium; several are on missions in Congo and the Philippines.

The members of this brotherhood are characterized as attentive to fraternal life, its quality, trust, and popularization of the Franciscan way of life. The most important thing in their lives is to share joy, prayer, spread grace, peace, the desire to accept people, especially young people and families.


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