When visiting the Zarasai region, we recommend not to miss the opportunity to see the beauty of Salakas Church Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Of Sorrows. Salak Church has been known since 1496, but the wooden church buildings were destroyed many times by fire during that time.

Pastor Ant. Kryžanauskas, in consultation with the parishioners, decided to build a church that could not be destroyed by fire anymore. In 1911, the church was completed, and prayer services began.

When the church was built, a board was built and attached on its wall with the inscription: “The church was built in 1911 by the care of Kun. Kryžanauskas and effort of the parishioners. Lord, let perpetual honour be to those who have put so much work for you, […] and has no regrets about keeping and looking after the church. This building will remain in people’s faith as a living monument for the future for generations “.


Picture: pamatyklietuvoje.lt