Street villages are one of the most significant parts of the cultural heritage in Dieveniškės Park. There are 13 street villages in the Gauja Valley, located in the hilly places between Poškoniai and Dieveniškės, which form three groups of villages close to each other.

Did you know? The largest group of street villages consists of 7 villages: Grybiškės, Didžiuliai, Lastaučikai, Poškonys, Padvarės, Siaurimai, Šiudainys. The monumental villages of the Dieveniškės region were located during the Volok reform when the lands of the villages were divided into regular-shaped massifs divided into three crop rotation fields.

The houses were decorated moderately, mainly street facades and windows. The most typical buildings in the villages are a multifunctional combination of premises – a house connected to a barn of two premises (or more).

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